7 beautiful bridal bouquets created with hydrangeas

7 beautiful bridal bouquets created with hydrangeas.

Whether you’re looking to embrace the eternally beautiful English garden wedding theme or are keen to take advantage of the stunning good looks of an in-season, native flower variety, the hydrangea should be the first choice for those tying the knot during summer.

Hydrangeas are fast becoming a hugely popular option for marrying couples, with their intricate nature, vibrancy, volume and structure making them fantastic for reception table displays. You’ll want to complement your hydrangea centrepieces by exploring the following bridal bouquet ideas…

1. Something blue

One of the many, many shades that hydrangeas are seen in is baby blue, which makes for a truly elegant display when combined with crisp white roses. Hydrangeas and roses are a classic combo on the wedding scene, here Whole Blossoms explains why:

“Known for their lush, voluminous blooms and exquisite colour range, these floral ambassadors of love and elegance have been cherished throughout history. Hydrangeas, symbolic of heartfelt emotion and understanding, fill an arrangement with charm and generosity. Roses, on the other hand, are universally recognised as the epitome of love and romance.”

2. The garden mix

There are actually several varieties of hydrangea to explore, one of which is the lacecap. As the name suggests, lacecap hydrangeas are delicate by nature. Instead of the full, rounded shape the more common big leaf species are known for, this variety incorporates flat clusters of tiny flowers, surrounded by a ring of larger blooms to deliver a lacey finish.

Use lacecap hydrangeas to create a bridal bouquet that celebrates the great British garden, mixing in roses, zinnias and snowberries to ensure texture that wouldn’t be out of place in a summer border that’s full to bursting.

3. A beautiful base

Use the structure and sturdiness hydrangeas are loved for by combining with a more ornate, cascading flower. With hydrangeas as the base and orchids left to flow freely, your bridal bouquet will look like a work of art. This hydrangea bridal bouquet idea looks extra elegant in white.

4. The standout star

Hydrangeas aren’t just great accompaniments, they are standout stars in their own right! Even with all-white hydrangeas separated by a hint of greenery, you can create that crisp, clean, classic look that’ll wow on your wedding day.

Hydrangea-only bouquets are truly beautiful, especially with the leaves intact, creating a wilder, picked-straight-out-of-the-garden look.

5. Purple reign

Purple is a popular summer wedding colour, particularly as we move through the season and into autumn. If purple accents are a vital part of your summer wedding theme, going regal with your hydrangea bridal bouquet will be the perfect final flourish.

If you’re marrying a little earlier in the season, combine just one sprig of purple hydrangea with other blooms and whimsical greenery to get the brightness and lightness that’ll add fun and flair to your summer nuptials.

6. Playful pinks

Another standout hydrangea colour is pink. From baby to hot, a pink hydrangea bridal bouquet will guarantee a pop of colour that’s extra special and the perfect complement to your summer wedding theme.

7. In the green

Even when hydrangeas are past their prime, they manage to look absolutely stunning! After blooming, most hydrangeas turn green, picking up tinges of pink or burgundy in the process, and these aged blooms look fantastic as bridal bouquets!

Use your green hydrangeas as the centrepiece of your arrangement or combine with blush pink peonies and white tulips for the perfect spring/summer display.

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