To pose or not to pose

The first photograph taken of you as a newlywed couple can be a tricky shot. Many couples debate whether to opt for something traditional, or something fun and quirky. In this post, we will take you through six great poses that could all make for a memorable first photo.

Our friends over at The Knot interviewed beauty and expert Alexis Woolfe, who gave some great advice for that wedding photo pose:

“Have fun, laugh and be you. You want your pictures to capture the essence of the occasion, not to look posed. Feeling stuck and uptight with all eyes on you? Look away from the camera, or have a moment with your love, and then come back to it. Or when all else fails, dance around a bit!”

1. Lost in Love

Sunrise wedding photograph

The “lost in love” is a wonderful first wedding shot. You and your beloved hold each other’s hands, facing each other and holding eye contact. Depending on your venue, you may be able to capture an artistic shot.

For example, if you’re holding your wedding at one of our gorgeous venues – like Leez Priory – there’s plenty of natural beauty to explore and incorporate in your photo.

2. Under the Veil

Bride and groom under veil

If you’re a bride and have gone for a traditional dress, complete with veil, then a splendid idea is to have a shot of you and your new husband stealing a kiss under it. Again, you can create a shot that looks quite artistic and emotional. You might be newlyweds but a secret kiss under the veil will remind a couple of their connection for years to come.

3. Walking Away into the Sunset

Sunset photo

There’s something incredibly evocative seeing two newlyweds walk away into the gossamer haze of a summer sunset. Holding hands, oblivious to the photographer and all the guests around you, this tableau makes for a great wedding photo. It’s a shot that says you and your new partner are starting a new adventure together.

4. Body Language

Bride and groom holding hands

The body language shot is a complete departure from tradition, with the photographer just focusing on you and your new spouse’ hands. It’s an abstract but charming pose, conveying the bond and the love you two share.

5. The Eternal Kiss

One of the most traditional on our list, but it’s just so adorable. The eternal kiss is that glorious shot of the couple locking lips as the sun sets behind them. A divine classic and a shot always worthy of framing and gazing at for years to come.

We hope you enjoyed our list of first wedding shoot poses. We would love to hear whether you’ve tried any of these, especially if it was at one of venues.

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