Wedding receptions inspired by TV shows

There is a growing trend among couples to lift themes for their wedding from TV shows. Whether it’s Vikings or Lost, there’s lots of ways you can capture the essence of your favourite TV show and make it a part of your big day.

Let’s take a look at the most popular shows that couples are drawing inspiration from.

Game of thrones map

1. Game of Thrones

Perhaps the most popular fantasy drama ever, Game of Thrones is a marvel. Sadly, this show is ending in 2019 as we finally find out who wins the Iron Throne.

A while ago, we laid out a number of ideas you could include in a Game of Thrones wedding, including the feast:

“This is an opportunity to let your imagination run wild. With a bit of culinary creativity, you can achieve something that will be remembered for many years to come. In the spring of 2011, two fans of the show, Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lehrer, began the blog The Inn at the Crossroads, which is now home to hundreds of recipes inspired by the series as well as dishes enjoyed by our Medieval ancestors. From Meereenese lamb and potted hare, to black cherries in sweet cream and chocolate Carrageen pudding, the list is endless.”

2. Downton Abbey

What a perfect theme for a wedding! It has to rank as one of our favourites at CHW, and any of our prestigious venues would suit perfectly. Whether it’s the Elizabethan charm of Leez Priory or the Georgian splendour of Clearwell Castle, our venues offer a delightful period charm.

Downton Abbey spans two decades, from the warmth of the Edwardian era to the exuberant 1920s. This means there’s several styles to choose from for your wedding. As Inside Weddings writes about the Downton Abbey theme, the key is gentility:

“Candelabra centerpieces add soft light, and neutral linens create a cheery air. Wear a gown inspired by the 1920s, and don’t forget to include a teacup at each place setting.”

3. Deadwood

An awesome show of Wild West aesthetics and drama around every corner, Deadwood offers a raw and rustic theme for couples. Choose a stripped back wedding reception, featuring food from the old West and bottles of good old IPA and whiskey. A few mounted deer skulls and some stetsons for the boys wouldn’t go amiss either!

4. Sex and the City

If you’re a shopaholic Carrie who’s finally bagged her Mister Big, then a Sex and the City themed wedding will be a natural fit. Take your inspiration from those high-class New York weddings. Imagine lots of luxurious china and crystal champagne flutes, gorgeous white linen tablecloths and ornate floral displays.

Former NY wedding planner Lauren, over at Every Last Detail, breaks down a few great tips to get your Sex and the City wedding looking sharp.

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