6 things to do the night before your wedding

After months (or even years) of planning, the big day is just one sleep away. Many brides and grooms choose to begin their wedding day preparations and the associated celebrations the night before, to really make the occasion feel extra special. We’re all aware of the things we shouldn’t be doing the night before the wedding – being hungover on your wedding day isn’t at all fun! In this blog post, we reveal six great ways to spend the night before your wedding day.

Night before wedding

1. Complete last minute tasks

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have any wedding prep to finish the night before. But we’re busy people, so being fully prepared might be impossible. The week before your wedding, try and polish off any major last minute tasks, leaving only small bits and pieces to finish. The night before shouldn’t involve anything more stressful than washing your hair, packing for your honeymoon or indulging in some relaxing beauty treatments.

2. Have a sleepover

Spending some quality time with your nearest and dearest before the chaos of your wedding day is always a great idea. Try hosting your very own sleepover with the bridal party. Exciting sleepover activities are also great distractions if pre-wedding nerves are getting the better of you. Glamour shares a few pre-wedding sleepover ideas that are certain to make the 8-year-old you super jealous:

“If your bridesmaids are all around, gather them for a good old-fashioned pajama party. Talk about boys, play truth or dare (where the dares are as innocent as the ones you conjured up as a preteen), and share secrets. But no dipping anyone’s hands in water to make her pee their pants in the middle of the night! And start the festivities on the early side so you’re asleep sooner, too.”

3. Get in the mood

A sleepover is the perfect excuse for a movie marathon. Here’s 7 wedding films to watch at your pre-wedding slumber party.

Pamper yourself

4. Pamper yourself

Although beauty treatments are certain to be a part of last minute preparations, try turning your entire evening into the ultimate pamper session. Create your very own luxury spa evening and treat yourself as well as your bridesmaids or family members to a relaxing experience, whether you’re staying over at your wedding venue or at home. Make sure you only use beauty products that you’ve tried before, however, to avoid troublesome skin irritation so close to your special day.

5. Spend some quality time

Many couples observe the tradition of not seeing each other the night before the wedding. That said, it can be a great idea to spend some quality time together before you change your relationship status to ‘married’. Use this time to pause and reflect on your relationship. It can work wonders for settling any pre-wedding nerves – and don’t forget to get in one last kiss before you say your goodbyes!

6. Sleep!

Wedding planning is exhausting work. You may want to spend the night before your wedding not doing very much of anything at all. Take this time to look after yourself, drinking lots of water, eating well and getting a good night’s sleep so you’re completely refreshed for your wedding day.

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