Top tips for creating an amazing wedding album

The importance of professional wedding photography is undeniable, whether you are currently planning an intimate affair or a more extravagant wedding celebration. This makes choosing the right photographer for you vital. The next step is just as important, though. You need to put all those great photos into a wedding album! Creating your wedding album should be so much more than buying an off the shelf photo album and filling it with your photos however.

Create a wedding album

Here are our top tips to create a truly amazing wedding album, a memento that will be a fitting keepsake from one of the best days of your life!

Take viewers on a journey

Your journey to the altar is certain to be a long one. There may be some wedding planning stresses you’d like to forget, but there are many moments leading up to your big day that you’re certain to cherish forever. Organising your photographs and telling the tale of your wedding day and the big and little moments leading up to it is a must. From the proposal and engagement shoot to the hen and stag celebrations, wedding morning, ceremony and reception, you’ll have plenty of inspiration to create your chronologically-ordered wedding story.

Pick the photos YOU love

There are a number of wedding scenes that need to be captured. For the album, pick from both your favourites and those important moments. Your photos will speak for themselves so pick the images that you really can’t live without. Blurb offers their advice for choosing the shots that matter the most:

“This should go without saying, but it’s your album. When you make your selections, your very favorites are the priority. Start with 20-30 photos that are your absolute favorites. Go with your instincts. For this set, it doesn’t matter when in the day they happened, or who’s in them. Your favorites are your favorites. Next, select you’re the best detail and atmosphere shots. You’re looking for the ones that capture mood, décor, and dress-up subtleties that get lost in the photos of people. Then, find the best photo from each major event of the day. Getting ready, signing the license, key ceremony, and reception moments. To do this, it helps to revisit your timeline for the day so that you have a good representation of it.”

Wedding albums

Set the scene

Choosing images that represent the people who made your day extra special and the way you felt is also essential. You and your guests are certain to have many memories from the day, and including photographs that jog your memory about these little and big moments is key. Don’t forget to set the scene of your wedding day too. Breaking up your timeline with photos of the decorations, rooms, wedding day ensembles and other dreamy details is recommended.

Get creative with your design

Your photographs will do the talking, but getting creative with your album design will add extra interest. There are a number of formats and styles to explore, as well as layouts and details that will make your wedding album a joy to look through time and time again.

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