Wedding trends that really deserve a revival!

Over the years, a huge variety of wedding trends have come and gone. And while some have been popular for just a season, others have hung around for years. A few have even gone the distance for decades. Although some of these trends were very much of their time, others wouldn’t look out of place today, and could easily be incorporated into modern ceremonies.

Bride and groom

If you’re currently on the lookout for a quirky but traditional idea for your wedding, take a look at our pick of the retro trends that really deserve a revival.

The going away outfit

Once a staple of British weddings, the going away outfit has fallen out of fashion in recent years. As @WeddingMagGTA explains:

“After the reception, the couple would change from their formal bridal attire to another outfit that they would wear as they depart from the reception to embark on their honeymoon. This was a chance for the bride to unwind at her wedding, and slip into something more comfortable.”

Incorporating a going away outfit into your wedding allows you to indulge yourself in a second dress for your big day. As going away outfits are generally simpler and less obviously ‘bridal’ than wedding dresses, they can often be worn again and again in the future.

Statement bridesmaid dresses

For years, bridesmaids’ dresses were notoriously bold, bright and colourful. And although you don’t want your closest friends to feel like they’re walking down the aisle draped in a curtain, there is something to be said for making a statement with your bridal party outfits. Choosing fabrics with bold prints and bright tones will ensure all the members of your bridal party stand out from the crowd. You can also use these outfits to complement your wedding theme and to add a little fun to your ceremony.

Statement suits

While we’re bringing back wedding trends, why should women have all the fun? Although these days grooms and groomsmen largely wear blue, black or grey suits, back in the 60s, 70s and 80s, men’s fashion choices were a lot bolder. Think maroon tuxedos, ruffles, brightly coloured ties and big hair. Remember, this is your wedding day and you can wear whatever you want, so why not make it memorable?

Back to basics

In previous decades, weddings were often a lot simpler than they are today. A ceremony in a nice venue followed by drinks, food and dancing, few weddings featured themes, props, quirky cakes and other modern, Instagram-friendly accessories. Although a lot of couples still want their wedding to have a number of bells and whistles, more and more are opting for pared down events that focus on the most important aspects of the day. As well as simplifying the planning process, this helps to ensure that key elements of the wedding are done just right.

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