How to nail that candid photo look at your wedding

Candid wedding photography has never been so popular. A far cry from the heavily staged style of yesteryear, couples now favour the natural approach. Although a handful of posed photos is great for the wedding album, there are numerous benefits to embracing the candid photo look at your wedding.

Bride with bouquet

Candid photography is far less demanding than other styles, leaving you and your wedding party to enjoy the celebration without the pressure to pose at every turn. This relaxed atmosphere is prime territory for capturing the real emotions and genuine expressions that accompany your day, all of which will help to create a fantastic and truly authentic wedding album. This photography style is also great for nervous brides and grooms. Here we reveal the steps every marrying couple can take to nail the relaxed, real and utterly beautiful candid look.

Choose your photographer wisely

The candid look may be popular but selecting the right professional for the job is important. Not every photographer will have mastered the art of capturing candid photographs. Here YourStory  offers some essential advice on choosing a candid photographer for your wedding:

“Do all the research, check the gallery and examine the work of the photographer, before you finalize from the best of the best. Remember you are giving the responsibility to a third person, to create wonderful memories for you to cherish for the rest of your life.”

Show your individuality

Candid photographs are the perfect way to showcase your uniqueness as a couple, so let the creativity flow, even during those little moments. With candid photography, you don’t have the restrictions that come with traditional photos. Every part of your wedding and each member of your wedding party can, therefore, be documented to reflect your own personal style and preferences to a tee.

Candid photography isn’t the ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ style most think it is. It requires just as much thought and talent to create as other modern photography styles. Take the time to liaise with your chosen photographer before your wedding day to discuss the style you want to achieve and the spontaneous shots you wish to capture.

Get your guests involved

Making sure every moment is covered and successfully documented isn’t easy, whatever photographic style you choose. The joy of the candid style is that everyone can get involved to ensure a creative wedding album. Many lovers of the candid style place disposable cameras on the tables for guests to use, meaning the little moments that have been missed by you or your photographer can be captured and appreciated for years to come.

With the majority of people proud owners of the latest smartphones, everyone seems to be an amateur photographer today. Smartphones are another great way to capture some quality photographs from your guests’ points of view, so encourage all who attend your big day to share the images they capture.

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