Keeping a clear head in the run up to your wedding day

As any married couple will tell you, planning the wedding day of your dreams isn’t all fun and games. It’s a huge undertaking, and whatever the length of your engagement, your wedding is the end product of lots of time, energy and decision making.

According to the latest research, a massive 96% of those surveyed found wedding planning stressful. Sticking to a budget was often cited as particularly anxiety-inducing.

Keeping your head as your wedding day approaches is vital for negotiating the wedding planning process to the best of your abilities. Here are our tips for keeping calm and carrying on with the business of organising the most important and happiest day of your life.

Recognise the signs of stress

Knowing the signs that things are getting a little too much is our first and most important tip for conquering wedding planning stress.

Stress is something we’re all familiar with. Recognising the symptoms early and taking steps to reduce them will ensure things don’t get out of control. Stress affects us both emotionally and physically, leaving us feeling irritable, overburdened, anxious and nervous. You may suffer from irregular breathing, muscle tension, fatigue, poor eyesight, headaches and chest pains if stress levels rise too high.

Take a break

We can’t promise you that the woes and stresses that go hand-in-hand with wedding planning will go away completely, but knowing how to manage and reduce stress will stand you in good stead as the big day draws near. The Spruce reveals their advice for pre-wedding stress management:

“A bride has to include stress management, self-nurturing and time to chill out as an integral part of her wedding planning process. When you feel the stress building, take time out, go for a walk, slip into a movie, get a massage, go for a manicure, write in a journal, do something un-wedding. You have to love, honor and cherish yourself if you want to be loved, honored and cherished by someone else!”

Reconnect as a couple

It’s all too easy to get swept up in the chaos of wedding planning; it’s important to go back to what it’s all really about. Spend some quality time with your partner, and ban all talk of wedding planning when you do. Having ‘us time’ can really put everything into perspective.

Share the burden

You shouldn’t have to take on the task of planning your wedding all on your own. The best planners delegate. Your partner will be a great help, but try sharing your workload a little further with your family and friends to make the job of planning the wedding of your dreams a little less overwhelming. Trust us, your loved ones will be eager to play a part in your big day so get your most trusted people together and dish out those tasks!

Look after yourself

Make sure you are in the best possible condition, both physically and mentally, to take on wedding planning. Make time to eat, sleep and exercise. It will help you look your best on your wedding day and keep stress levels at a more manageable level so you can take on wedding planning with confidence and clarity.

It’s great to talk too, particularly about what’s worrying you about wedding planning. Be open and honest with your partner, family and friends. As the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved!

Celebrate your progress so far

Planning a wedding is hard work so don’t be afraid to reward your efforts. Many couples make a ‘done list’ to celebrate the little and big wins of wedding planning. Your done list will help you set your sights on what’s next, as well as leave you feeling proud and highly motivated.

It’s not just in the run up to your wedding where it pays to keep a clear head. Read our top tips for calming your nerves at your wedding ceremony.

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