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Lauren Morton
January 10th 2024
From Luxe to Sunshine… your 2024 wedding awaits!
We’ve launched a new package and a fantastic summer upgrade to make your 2024 wedding even mor…
Team CHW
January 5th 2024
The UK wedding industry by numbers
The wedding industry is one sector that moves with the times. Whether it’s the latest trends or co…
Team CHW
December 22nd 2023
Bye bye buffet! The top alternatives for evening catering
Catering is certainly up there in the list of wedding essentials, whatever season you are tying the …
Team CHW
December 15th 2023
The stories (and symbolism) behind each wedding anniversary – part two
We’re back with the second instalment of our two-part wedding anniversary stories and symbolism se…

Wedding day and night guests – how to decide who makes the cut

December 9th 2023

An introduction to our beautiful country wedding venues

December 1st 2023

The stories (and symbolism) behind each wedding anniversary – part one

October 27th 2023

Autumn florals – here’s why you should go dried

October 13th 2023

Why delegation is the key to wedding planning success

September 15th 2023

Booking your wedding night accommodation – an essential guide

September 1st 2023
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