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Once you’ve gotten engaged, chosen the date, and booked the venue, the next step in planning a wedding is sending out the save the date cards. Although you may have excitedly told all your loved ones your plans already, @BrideMag explains the charm of sending out invitations, “In the fast paced lives we live, Save […] read more

posted on 20th Jan 2017


  Though every wedding is the celebration of two families coming together, when one or both partners have children from a previous relationship, the festivities can be even more complex. As you’re creating a brand new family, it’s important to spend a little time thinking about how you can include the whole family in your […] read more

posted on 13th Jan 2017


Shopping for your wedding dress can be exciting, but as well extremely stressful. Which shade will flatter you most? Which style works with your body shape? Will you find a dress that you love that is within your budget? Questions swirl around in your head, and there is pressure to find the right dress. Before […] read more

posted on 11th Jan 2017


Showing abundant amounts of tolerance, hope, hospitality and understanding, interfaith weddings often bring out the best in each religion. Just like @HuffingtonPost says, “Interfaith marriage is one of the most persistent spiritual realities and challenges of our time”. However, although they might be a positive symbol of unity, planning an interfaith ceremony can have its challenges. […] read more

posted on 6th Jan 2017


Are you organising your wedding and wondering how to make your ceremony more ‘you’? Well, there are many ways to make your ceremony and celebrations a strong reflection of who you are and what matters to you. Personalise your programme   Your wedding programme may be styled formally and simply, or it can be a […] read more

posted on 23rd Dec 2016


As recently as 2014, the United Kingdom recognised, for the first time in history, the legitimacy of same-sex marriage. Civil partnerships had been recognised since almost a decade earlier. The UK and several other countries have paved the way in achieving the current state of same-sex marriage in Europe and the world. Today, in our […] read more

posted on 16th Dec 2016


Your wedding readings are one of the most sentimental and unique elements of your whole wedding day. You can often find inspiration in childhood books, your shared favourite films, or popular television shows: there are endless romantic, heartfelt poems and prose to pick from. In the following blog post, we include our very favourites and […] read more

posted on 9th Dec 2016


With the world’s population becoming more cosmopolitan as each day goes by, it’s ever more common to attend multicultural weddings, even far away from these traditions’ country of origin. If you’re reading this, you might have been invited to an Indian wedding in the UK, and are looking to find out more about the prospective […] read more

posted on 2nd Dec 2016


When it comes to tying the knot with your better half, you might have decided that one of you will go for the tux-look, emphasising her beautiful frame and gorgeous features. However, it might be that both of you are looking forward to wearing a dress, and maybe you are not sure how to pull […] read more

posted on 25th Nov 2016


So, your wedding is coming up and it’s time for both of you to get the suits you will walk down the aisle with. Sure, organising a wedding is as exciting as it can be nerve racking, and you might still have lots of questions about your grooms’ suits. From whether to wear same colour […] read more

posted on 18th Nov 2016

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