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Though some women will choose to retain their maiden name after they get hitched, most will either adopt their new husband’s name, or take on a combination of both names after the big day. Though you can easily switch the name on your social media accounts, changing official documents to reflect your new married status […] read more

posted on 24th Feb 2017


Your wedding dress is one of the key things that you will want to make sure you get right on your wedding day. Trendy styles, uncomfortable fittings, and dresses that don’t tie into your wedding venue; we explore the most important things to avoid when shopping for your wedding dress. Go for something timeless Every […] read more

posted on 17th Feb 2017


When the warm glow of your wedding day has worn-off, how do you keep your relationship strong? We cover the key things to take into account when you’re a newlywed. Have your own life Studies have shown that couples who have a well-developed separate life from their other half are much happier than couples who fuse […] read more

posted on 10th Feb 2017


Everyone wants to capture all the hard work that has gone into planning their dream wedding, but many people are currently feeling the allure of organising an unplugged wedding. An unplugged wedding is a wedding where cameras and camera phones are strictly forbidden. The benefits of going unplugged according to professional wedding photographers The Huffington […] read more

posted on 3rd Feb 2017


Most couples have many burning questions, in regards to their wedding invitations: when should you send your invites? What details should they include? What style is most appropriate? Below, we explore the answers to these common questions, giving you all the information you need for well-written, perfectly-styled wedding invites. When should you send your invites? […] read more

posted on 27th Jan 2017


Once you’ve gotten engaged, chosen the date, and booked the venue, the next step in planning a wedding is sending out the save the date cards. Although you may have excitedly told all your loved ones your plans already, @BrideMag explains the charm of sending out invitations, “In the fast paced lives we live, Save […] read more

posted on 20th Jan 2017


  Though every wedding is the celebration of two families coming together, when one or both partners have children from a previous relationship, the festivities can be even more complex. As you’re creating a brand new family, it’s important to spend a little time thinking about how you can include the whole family in your […] read more

posted on 13th Jan 2017


Shopping for your wedding dress can be exciting, but as well extremely stressful. Which shade will flatter you most? Which style works with your body shape? Will you find a dress that you love that is within your budget? Questions swirl around in your head, and there is pressure to find the right dress. Before […] read more

posted on 11th Jan 2017


Showing abundant amounts of tolerance, hope, hospitality and understanding, interfaith weddings often bring out the best in each religion. Just like @HuffingtonPost says, “Interfaith marriage is one of the most persistent spiritual realities and challenges of our time”. However, although they might be a positive symbol of unity, planning an interfaith ceremony can have its challenges. […] read more

posted on 6th Jan 2017


Are you organising your wedding and wondering how to make your ceremony more ‘you’? Well, there are many ways to make your ceremony and celebrations a strong reflection of who you are and what matters to you. Personalise your programme   Your wedding programme may be styled formally and simply, or it can be a […] read more

posted on 23rd Dec 2016

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