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Today we are looking at traditional Spanish weddings; a culture so vast and charming that we have simply fallen in love! Our, “Wedding Traditions around the World” series is intended for all to enjoy, as the wedding traditions from the different countries are absolutely fascinating! Whether you are a bi-cultural couple willing to tie the […] read more

posted on 16th Jun 2017


A favourite travel destination of many, famed for it’s sandy beaches, friendly locals and delicious, inexpensive food. Thailand is a great honeymoon choice. One of the biggest draws of holidaying in Thailand is that your money will stretch much further than many other holiday destinations. Enjoy good food, adventures and pampering for a fraction of the cost […] read more

posted on 9th Jun 2017


Weddings in North America don’t follow a single set of rules, particularly because the population is so mixed and diverse. In the entire continent, it is easy to find wedding celebrations with European, Asian, or African roots. Despite this, it is fair to say that most weddings in North America follow the white wedding routine, […] read more

posted on 2nd Jun 2017


A vintage wedding has been one of the must-have looks in the wedding industry for some years now and signs of its popularity waning have not been spotted. There are so many ways to inject a 50’s vibe into your Big Day. Of course, there’s the simple stylistic choices like selecting a vintage gown and […] read more

posted on 26th May 2017


There are many wonderful honeymoon destinations waiting to be explored. One of our favourites is Japan. Rich in culture and scenic beauty, Japan perfectly combines the old with the new and offers up many opportunities for indulgence in fine cuisine, good entertainment and shopping experiences. Visiting Japan Japan is fresh and innovative, mixing the ultra-modern […] read more

tags: honeymoons, japan 

posted on 19th May 2017


Wedding etiquette changes rapidly over the years, but in the modern world – etiquette is just as important as ever. There are many areas involved in wedding management, prep and the big day itself that leave many people confused – just what is and isn’t appropriate? Read on for our breakdown of wedding etiquette for […] read more

posted on 12th May 2017


How can you bring some of your favourite charities into your wedding day? Below, we explore some of the most colourful and easy ways to bring a feel-good cause into your wedding day. Showcase the colours that represent your favourite cause There are many ways to incorporate colours that represent popular causes in your wedding […] read more

posted on 5th May 2017


Flowers and chocolates: the quintessential romantic gifts, but it’s sometimes good to break the mould and go for something a little quirkier. Homemade presents are the perfect way to keep your gift-giving fresh and exciting: they show that a lot of care and effort went into the gift, making them even more wonderful to receive […] read more

posted on 28th Apr 2017


Though the fundamentals of wedding planning haven’t changed that much over the years – venues still need to be booked, the music has to be arranged and you have to invite the guests – there are something things that have moved on. For example, more and more wedding planning now happens online. You can use […] read more

posted on 21st Apr 2017


The exhilaration of choosing outfits for your bridesmaids can exceed the fun of choosing your own wedding dress. Now that’s saying something! The reason for this is that choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses entails group work, and, why not, lots of chit-chat, laughter and great times spent with your best friends. At the end of the […] read more

posted on 14th Apr 2017

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